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  • Taste & Aroma

    Nutty, Floral, Refreshing

    Recommended Use

    Pizzas, Meat, Fish, Vegetables

  • Origins & History

    Pesto is one of the most famous Italian sauces in the world and its classic fresh aroma immediately evokes images of Summer and sun-kissed seascapes. It is a native sauce of the Liguria region, where it has been produced since the Middle Ages. It is made by combining crushed local basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese in a mortar, together with extra virgin olive oil. Our Z&Z blend also contains sun dried tomatoes, which adds warmth and delicious sunshine to the fresh and herbal aroma.


    Adding a gorgeously fresh and bright flavour to dishes, the Pesto Z&Z blend is perfect for any dish where one would use a wet pesto sauce such as hot and cold pasta dishes, sprinkled on top of pizzas, blended with olive oil as a marinade for meat or fish, or simply tossed through steamed vegetables for an aromatic twist.

  • Ingredients

    Basil, Garlic, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, Sea Salt, Black Pepper



    Serving size

    14 x 1/2 Tsp

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