Coriander Seed


Taste & Aroma

Floral, Nutty, Spicy

Recommended Use

Vegetables, Soups, Cakes

Weight: 16g


Origin & History

The cilantro plant is a hardy and productive species that comes from Africa and the Middle East. While the leaves of the plant are used fresh or dried, the seeds of the plant are also highly sought-after for their strong, fresh flavour. Coriander seeds are often toasted before being reduced to a light-yellow powder, because this procedure lets them fully release their aroma.


Coriander Seed is citrusy and nutty, which is suitable for seasoning both savory and sweet dishes. This is a typical spice used in Indian cuisine (where it’s called “dhania”) but also in Middle Eastern recipes.

Weight 117 g
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4.3 cm

Jar, Sachet


Perfectly Ground & Toasted

Cuisine Type

Chinese, French, Indian, Mediterreanean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai/Vietnamese

Spice Strength



Toasted coriander seed powder

Net Weight


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