Z&Z Refill Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt

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  • Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt is the perfect steak seasoning to sprinkle on meats before they hit the grill, but it's versatile enough to use as a pork seasoning as well. Add it to breads, roasted potatoes, or chicken and enjoy the fragrant scent of rosemary, one of the most potent herbs.

    Z&Z Recommends with:

    Breads, Fish, Chicken, Pork, Red Meat, Vegetables, Soups, Sauces,

  • Recipes

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    Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt can be used as a finishing salt for light soups and sauces, and it tastes particularly sumptuous on steaks grilled with lots of fresh cracked black pepper. It's perfect for sprinkling on baguettes, rolls, or focaccia before baking. Or use it alongside oil and vinegar to enhance a salad.

    Pairs deliciously with:

    Focaccia, Grilled Steak, Baked Potatoes, Salads

  • Origin & History

    Rosemary is an aromatic, evergreen herb utilized in both cooking and aromatherapy for its woodsy fragrance. When blended with lemon and flakey sea salt, it's known to add an alluring taste to red meat, pork, fresh fish, and potato dishes. Infused gourmet salts are popular in the Mediterranean where their flavours go a long way toward elevating simple meals.

  • Ingredients

    Sel Gris Sea Salt, Lemon Peel, Rosemary, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper.



    Serving size

    14 x 1/2 Tsp

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