Z&Z Refill French Grey Sea Salt

  • An intense mineral-rich sea salt that is unrefined and naturally grey. Unlike most sea salts it does not melt instantly but has a sort of crumbly consistency.

    Recommended Use

    Fish, Poultry and Vegetables

  • Origin & History

    Known as Guerande Salt this grey sea salt is named for the coastal town in the North of France that it comes from. It is hand harvested during summer in Brittany and it does not undergo a refining process which gives its distinctive grey colour. This particular shade is due to the local clay, which soaks the salt on the bottom of the salt mines.


    French Grey Sea Salt is very intense so it must be used sparingly. It pairs well with fish or poultry and really accents boiled or grilled vegetables.

    Pairs deliciously with:

    Boiled Vegetables, Dark Chocolate Truffles or Caramels, Radishes, Bread and Butter, French Fish Stews, Clam Chowder

  • Ingredients

    French Grey Sea Salt



    Serving size

    28 x 1/4 Tsp

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