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PINK HIMALAYAN SALT - mineral rich

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What to Cook with : Pasta, Salads, Vegetables

  • A natural mineral rich subtle salt that can be used to season any meal, with its beautiful pink coloured crystals. Great with salt or meats.

  • Recipes

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    Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has a delicate taste which does not compete with other flavours making it an excellent alternative to the traditional table salt. You can also add it to boiling water in cooking pasta or use it for seasoning salads and vegetarian dishes.

    Pairs deliciously with:

    Roasted Potatoes, Fish and Chips, Sliced Watermelon, Vegetable Based Soups and Stews

  • Origin & History

    This salt is more than 250 million years old and despite its name actually sourced in Pakistan. It is extracted in Khewra, the second biggest salt mine in the world. Its characteristic pink colour is due to the deposit of numbers of minerals, especially iron. It is not chemically processed to allow its natural beauty and nutritional benefits shine.

  • Ingredients

    Pink Himalayan Sea Salt



    Serving size

    14 x 1/2 Tsp

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