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  • Taste & Aroma

    Bitter, Herbaceous

    Recommended Use

    Meat, Fish and Pizza

    Pairs deliciously with:

    Tomato-Based Pasta Sauces, Lemony Salad Dressings, Greek and Italian Dishes, Roasted Potatoes

  • Origin & History

    Oregano originates from the Mediterranean region. In ancient times, it was considered a symbol of prosperity and happiness and was used to make a wreath for crowning newlyweds.

    Oregano Uses

    Oregano is most often used in cuisines of this area, such as in Italian and Greek dishes. It’s fresh, aromatic, slightly sweet flavour pairs perfectly with vegetables, in particular tomatoes. Oregano is a classic seasoning used in pasta sauces and as a topping for pizzas. It also lends itself well to lighter ingredients such as meat or fish, bringing depth of flavour and transporting you to the coast of the Mediterranean.

  • Ingredients




    Serving sizeξ

    14 x 1/2 Tsp

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