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Gourmet Baking Set

Zest & Zing’s Baking Gift Set is filled with small batch spices to help you create the most impressive version of sweet treats and puddings. These stimulating spices give your baked goods and go-to recipes an intensity like never before.

Sourced from fragrant black seed pods grown tropical environments, our exotic Vanilla Bean Powder is a special addition to your baking repertoire. You can also use it as an ice cream topping, whip it into sweet creams, or sprinkle it on your latte.

Our luxurious Cinnamon Powder comes from the bark of trees in Sri Lanka to give you that versatile woody, spicy flavour. It creates the quintessential warmth and aroma of holiday cakes and cookies, but truly elevates savoury stews and curries.

Our intense, almost bitter Cloves are a mainstay in traditional fruit-based desserts and pastries. This fragrant Indonesian spice lends its flavours to hot apple cider and cakes, but creates another level of flavour in game meats and beef.

Fresh Nutmeg makes all the difference in your puddings and classic sauces like bechamel and cream toppings. A pinch of this sweet spice makes a delightful addition to your baked apples and pears, banana breads, and muffins.


Vanilla Bean Powder, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg

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