Aleppo Pepper


Taste & Aroma

Hot, Sweet, Smokey

Recommended Use

Salads, Cheese, Meat, Pasta, Fish.

Weight: 18g


Origin & History

This spice is named after its city of birth in Syria, where it was originally produced. These mild chilli peppers are traditionally harvested at full maturity and partially sun-dried before being seeded and cut with salt. The peppers are then doused in sunflower oil to preserve their bright red colour before being dried a second time.


Aleppo Pepper and with other spices and herbs are widely used to marinate meat or fish, offering a good alternative to paprika or traditional chilli powder. However, in Middle Eastern Countries, Aleppo pepper is also often offered raw to guests for use as a seasoning on salads or cheese, to add heat to a dish.

Weight 119 g
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4.3 cm



Jar, Sachet

Cuisine Type

Caribeaan/Latin American, Indian, Italian, Mediterreanean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai/Vietnamese

Spice Strength



Aleppo Chilli Crushed with Salt and Sunflower Oil added during the curing process

Net Weight


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