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Richard Mclellan, Head Chef/Proprietor of Wilder
Louise Exton says:

I absolutely love Zataar and this is a good one! I use it together with Ras El Hanout and for flavouring roast vegetables, such as mushrooms and peppers.

Louise Exton says:

I use this in a variety of dishes, including an aromatic risotto. It tastes very good.

Louise Exton says:

Sprinkle on halloumi, then grill or lightly fry and serve with taboulleh. Lovely!

Darren Liddle says:

have tried this on several dishes recently, each one was improved and a treat for the tongue.

narmin8 says:

Very fragrant saffron. Best non-Iranian saffron I have ever tried. Lovely colour too.

praveen47 says:

Nice aromatic flavour and the ground powder takes away the hassle of whole leaf.

ade.auvinet says:

So fresh!

ade.auvinet says:

With olive oil to make the “picante” it is perfect!

ade.auvinet says:

Love it!

ade.auvinet says:

Very good product, smells like Italia!

yusurzainy says:

This is the perfect combination to add something special to a basic salad, I love the settle taste of the garlic with the other ingredients. just gives it a nice edge. Salads can’t be boring anymore.

The packaging is lovely and the order came within 2 days in a very cute box.

Smell of the jar as you open it, is divine.

Michelle Moyes says:

I’m thrilled to bits with this Greek Seasoning. The blend is perfectly balanced, very fresh and was a great addition to my lamb Koftas.

Andrew Matthews says:

Delicious spice blend.

It went very well when mixed with chicken breast, yogurt and lime juice. I left it to marinade overnight and then grilled.


marianneinlondon says:

This stuff is so good and very addictive!! I’m finding excuses to sprinkle it on so many things…with fresh bread and unsalted butter…on a bit of goat’s cheese… It packs such a strong truffle punch that you only need to use the tiniest amounts, a little really goes a long way.

marianneinlondon says:

I’ve been looking for a good Ras El Hanout blend for a long time, as I’ve always been a bit disappointed in the blends from the main brands in the supermarkets. This one is superb – very complex and aromatic – wonderful in lamb tagine!

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