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A Taste of Italy Gift Set

  • Our premium Z&Z A Taste of Italy gift set includes two of our delightful Z&Z Blends that transform simple Mediterranean ingredients into something unforgettably delicious. It features our White Truffle Sea Salt which is the perfect seasoning to add a touch of luxury to pasta, risotto or bruschetta and our Pesto Blend which is vibrantly delicious with pasta and olive oil.

    Oregano is one of Italy's most treasured herbs, used both in dried and fresh forms in an expansive range of dishes. Use our richly intense oregano powder to infuse flavour in tomato-based sauces, bring succulent freshness to grilled chicken or pork, or to add an extra layer of complexity to your soup broth. Our Calabrian Peperoncino Chili comes straight from the Calabrian region of Italy, and it is perfect for adding some fiery heat to puttanesca sauce or for flavouring hot oil to fry potatoes.

    Our Pesto Blend combines the classic pesto ingredients: basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese, plus a tangy hit of sun-dried tomato. It is perfect for marinades, dry rubs or simply sprinkled on pasta.

    Oregano, Calabrian Pepper, White Truffle Salt, Pesto.

    Weight: 86g

  • Calabrian Chilli

    Calabrian Chilli Pepper flakes

    White Truffle Sea Salt

    White Truffle sea salt


    Basil, Garlic, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, Sea Salt, Black Pepper



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