The Health Benefits of Sea Salt - Hawaiian Red Gold and Black Lava Sea Salt


Many people focus on the negatives of salt and too much sodium. But the fact is that certain salts are good for us when used in moderation. True unrefined sea salts contain many minerals that have been stripped away from common table salt. The oceans are abundant with nutrients, electrolytes, and trace minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium that we need to survive. High-quality sea salts can often contain around 60 trace minerals. And they’re much more flavourful than regular iodized salt!

Sea Salt Health Benefits - Zest & Zing - Hawaiian Black Lava + Hawaiian Red Gold Salt

While table salt is close to 100% sodium chloride, sea salt hovers at around 81% sodium chloride. The rest of it is composed of trace minerals, making sea salt a more healthy way for sodium-conscious people to get that savoury flavour while also adding nutrients to their diet.

Zest & Zing has a full range of gourmet sea salts, and we’ll discuss the benefits you can gain from using two of them, our duo of decadent, natural Hawaiian salts.

Sea Salt Health Benefits - Zest & Zing - Hawaiian Black Lava + Hawaiian Red Gold Salt

Hawaiian Red Gold Salt

Aside from its indulgently crumbly, crunchy texture and its rich red colour, our Hawaiian Red Gold Salt is an important addition to your kitchen because of its healthful benefits. Used unsparingly by the Hawaiians on roasted pork and fresh tuna poke, this sea salt gets its vibrant hue by absorbing the local volcanic clay known as Alaea Rouge.

The salt’s zesty, nutty aftertaste comes from the naturally occurring iron in the red alaea clay which also lends electrolytes straight from the ocean as well as several other trace minerals and elements. The iron oxide contained by Hawaiian Red Gold Salt is a healthy and digestible source of dietary iron.

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We love this sea salt for its earthy flavour, hint of sweetness, and intense, distinctive colour. Found only in Hawaii, why not try it out with some traditional dishes? If you can get your hands on fresh fish, try it on top of a homemade poke using sushi-grade tuna. Season a pork shoulder with it before slow cooking to create your own version of Kalua pork. Or sprinkle it on baked goods before popping them in the oven. We also like it over simple dishes like caprese salads, citrusy ceviche, and avocado toast.

Sea Salt Health Benefits - Zest & Zing - Hawaiian Black Lava + Hawaiian Red Gold Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Lightly smoky and almost bitter, Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt adds a brilliant touch of flavour and a pop of colour to any dish. As a finishing salt, it’s impressive, but the reason for its colour gives this gourmet salt a few added health benefits as well.

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt is harvested from the Pacific and then combined with volcanic black lava and vegetable charcoal during the natural drying phase. Derived specifically from the Hawaiian island of Molokai, this sea salt takes its colour from activated charcoal which not only provides a surprising flavour but powerful detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Activated charcoal is treasured for its ability to aid in digestion and cleanse the body of impurities. This sea salt also contains electrolytes from the sea as well as many other healthy trace minerals and elements.

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The flavour, texture, and eye-catching contrast of Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt makes it the perfect finishing salt. It would be great on egg dishes or anything that could use a subtle smokey touch of charcoal, like hearty soups and salads. Try it on a meaty fish, like halibut, tuna, cod, or haddock. We’d suggest using it on top of roasted potatoes or brussels sprouts too. You can also create elegant hors devours of simple cucumber and goat cheese sprinkled with these glittering black flakes of salt.

Sea Salt Health Benefits - Zest & Zing - Hawaiian Black Lava + Hawaiian Red Gold Salt

More Gourmet Sea Salts

To give you a quick glimpse into the rest of our collection, Zest & Zing also carries the classic and prized French Grey Sea Salt. It’s intense, unrefined, and rich in minerals - perfect for adding that coarse, crumbly texture to dishes that could use the bold flavour it derives from natural clay in Brittany, France. Try it on fatty meats, like a nice grilled steak, roasted root vegetables, or even in the rustic crust of a fruit tart.

If you prefer a few select sea salts blended with hand-selected herbs, we’ve also got those too. Try our Herbes de Provence Sea Salt for a rustic taste of Southern France which gives grilled fish and stews a delicate herbal flavour. (It’s also the perfect gift!)

For something a little more potent and citrusy, try our Lemon Thyme or Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt. And we’ve also got the delicious, ever-versatile Garlic and Parsley Sea Salt that’s great on most all savoury dishes. Each of these contains less sodium and more minerals than your usual table salt, while imparting more flavour to your dishes. Start reaping these sea salt benefits today!

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