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Easy vegetarian recipes

Easy Vegetarian Recipes with Spices

It’s no secret that going vegetarian has certain health benefits. Eliminating meat from your diet means that you consume less saturated fat and cholesterol and more vitamins, potassium, and fiber. Here are a few easy vegetarian recipes to get you started.

Harissa Spice | Aromatic Chilli Blend | Usage Ideas

Harissa Spice | Aromatic Chilli Blend | Usage Ideas

It’s spicy. It’s aromatic. It’s different. And you should be using it! A typical North African spice blend, harissa is made from a combination of oil, dried chillies, and spices. There are lots of variations, but here are a few recipes, tips, and tricks for using harissa in your cooking...

Vegetables, Brunch & Barbecues

Farmer’s markets. Barbecues. Picnics. Brunches. We’re excited. Finally, spring is here and the weather is warming up! At Zest & Zing, we’re getting inspired by the longer days and seasonal produce, so we’re dreaming up creative ways to use our collection. Here are our favourite spring recipes...

Chinese Five Spice: Ideas How to Use It!

Chinese Five Spice: Ideas How to Use It!

Chinese Five Spice is a unique spice blend that’s been around for over 3,000 years. Though its exact origins are unknown, it’s believed that the Chinese were trying to create a “wonder powder” which incorporated all five tastes of Chinese cuisine – salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy. The number 5 has significance in Chinese food …

Why Premium Spices | Zest and Zing

Fresh Spices - Why You need more Flavour ?

Fancy yourself a foodie? Me too. I’ve always loved cooking. When it comes to food, I have attention to detail. I shop for higher quality ingredients and I’m usually willing to pay more for them. Simply put, premium spices and herbs make better dishes. Here's why you need Zest & Zing...