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Looking for some cooking inspiration. Time to have lots of fun with our tips for cooking with spices.

The 5 Best (Unexpected) Spices and Rubs for the Barbecue

It’s now officially summertime and that means it’s time for grilling! Why not add some exciting flavours to your barbecue this season? We’ve got several ideas and tips to get you started, plus a couple unexpected seasoning blends for grilled meats you may have never thought of!

The Best Spice Gift Sets for Foodies

Looking for an original gift for the food lover in your life? Our premium spice gift sets are some of the best out there - perfect for your friends and family members who crave flavours from all over the world, love cooking, or just want to expand their spice cabinets. We'll help you decide what to get!

Essential Spices for Your Spice Rack

Looking to start your own spice collection? Need to fill your spice rack with spices? Or maybe you’ve gotten the basics down and want to know which other spices, herbs, and blends you should buy to finish off your collection? Here’s what Zest & Zing would recommend...

Foodie Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s finally heating up around here and summertime means fresh produce, outdoor eating, barbecues, and Father’s Day. Not sure what to get your dad? We’ve made a list of some great foodie Father’s Day gift ideas.

Aleppo Pepper | A mild fruity Chilli | How to use it

This recently trendy pepper packs a fruity, heat-filled punch and complex flavours. We’d recommend using Aleppo Pepper in all sorts of dishes, both sweet and savoury. Because of its versatility, it might just become your go-to chili. 

Hawaiian Red and Black Lava Salt Benefits

True unrefined sea salts contain many minerals that have been stripped away in the common table salt variety we have in our cabinets. Here's what you can get - in terms of flavour and health benefits - by using our Hawaiian Red Gold and Black Lava Sea Salt...

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Zest & Zing

At Zest & Zing, we’ve got unique Mother’s Day gift ideas your mum is sure to appreciate, especially if she’s a foodie or just loves cooking. Show her your appreciation by getting her some gourmet ingredients for the kitchen...

Healthy Affordable Weeknight Meal Ideas (With Spices!)

Everyone likes an easy, healthy dinner when they get home from work or need something quick! One of the best things about quality spices is that they make food more delicious and complex without any extra effort - or calories! Here are a few ideas for healthy and affordable weeknight meals using spices.

5 Best Spices for Chicken Rubs & Seasonings

Want to know the best chicken rub for your next grilling session? Need a new roast chicken seasoning? Or maybe you just want to create the best spicy chicken dishes possible. We've got some ideas...

Zest & Zing Kickstarter Successful Funding raising Campaign

This news is a little late, but Zest & Zing is excited to announce that we reached our Kickstarter goal in the campaign that we launched during September 2017. Here are the numbers...

5 Best Spices to Use in Vegan Recipes

Veganism is on the rise and the health benefits are undeniable, so we’ve nominated a few of our favorite Zest & Zing products as the best spices to use in vegan recipes for 2018...

A Valentine’s Treat: Easy Almond Milk Oatmeal

Deliciously warming, this easy almond milk oatmeal recipe is perfect for wintertime mornings or an afternoon snack. The addition of spices makes it indulgent.

Health Benefits of Spices and Herbs

What spice has the highest concentration of antioxidants? Which herb is good for your cholesterol? Find out more - and see ways to include these healthy ingredients into your everyday meals. Vibrant flavours can be healthy too! Check out all the health benefits of spices...

Donating to CookForSyria

Zest & Zing has donated our top selling "Aleppo Pepper" and "A Taste of the Middle East" Gift set to the #CookForSyria Pop Up store in Monmouth Street, London to sell, with proceeds going to UNICEFs global programme to raise funds for the Children of Syria Fund.

Zaatar Spice Blend | Favourite Recipes

Dating back as far as ancient Egypt, Zaatar is a unique spice blend born in the Middle East. This aromatic mix has a reputation for being a healthy brain food, and the contents can vary depending on where you are in the Middle East. Here are a few of our favourite Zaatar recipes to get you cooking with this beautiful spice blend...