Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Zest & Zing

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Zest & Zing


Nothing is better than your mother’s homemade meals. And if you've got a mum who's a foodie or just loves cooking, we’ve got some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas from Zest & Zing that she’s sure to appreciate. Show her your appreciation by getting her a few gourmet ingredients for the kitchen. After she opens them, you could even spend time cooking with her (or maybe for her?) this Mother’s Day. 

We've been thinking about what our mothers would love to receive this March, so here are Zest & Zing's picks for unique Mother's Day gifts...

  Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Foodies from Zest & Zing 

Sea Salts

Having a little jar of premium sea salts by the stove is such a treat to cook with - nothing makes your food feel more refined and elegant. They’re great for elevating even your mother’s favourite dishes and doing a little experimenting in the kitchen. We've got an ever-growing range of gourmet salts at Z&Z, so go ahead, get her something you would want. They're fantastic.

Try our classic Herbes de Provence Sea Salt if your mother appreciates the finer things and traditional French cooking. Or spoil your mum with something decadent, like our popular White Truffle Sea Salt or our new Black Truffle Sea Salt. They’re phenomenally earthy and brilliant on almost anything. If your mum likes to try new flavour combinations and doesn’t mind a kick, why not surprise her with a little Chili Lime Salt?

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Or bring her something tropical and unique that she can’t pick up in the supermarket, like our mineral-packed Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt or our Hawaiian Red Gold Salt. They’ll each add a touch of vibrant color to her cooking and they’re perfect for finishing off beautifully plated dishes. Our new infused Lemon Thyme Sea Salt or our Lemon Rosemary Sea Salt are amazing if you want to bring a touch of bright herbiness to food (and especially great if your mother loves to grill).

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Foodies - Gourmet Sea Salt Gift Set

If you’re looking to impress her, what we’d really recommend is our Gourmet Sea Salt Set which contains four of our favourite salts, all beautifully packaged so you won’t even need to wrap them. It comes with Pink Himalayan Salt, our versatile Garlic and Parsley Sea Salt, and both our Red and Black Hawaiian Sea Salts.

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“A Taste Of” Gift Sets…

We’ve made it easy to select the perfect combination of premium herbs and spices by curating these unique gift sets based on culinary region. If your mum has a favorite cuisine or just wants to start cooking recipes from other cultures, help her out with our “A Taste Of” gift sets. For Mother’s Day, we’re especially feeling A Taste of Italy, Asia, and India, but of course, we love them all any time of the year.

In each gift set, you’ll get four of our hand-selected herbs, spices, or blends, making it easy to recreate dishes from all over the world.

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Foodies - Zest & Zing

For instance, A Taste of Italy comes with oregano, calabrian chili flakes, our Z&Z vegan pesto blend, and white truffle sea salt. It’s perfect for making rich pasta dishes, risotto, bruschetta, and elevating simple salads.

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For those mothers who like to dabble in the exotic or want to perfect their own curry, A Taste of India comes with cumin, tandoori spice, curry powder, and garam masala. This set will make your Indian dishes taste more authentic and pack your cooking with intense flavours, whether you’re making a dahl or tandoori chicken.

Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Foodies from Zest & Zing

A Taste of Asia is a best-selling Z&Z gift set with some of our most aromatic blends from all over the continent, like katsu curry, ginger, Chinese five spice, and Thai curry. These essential ingredients are perfect for cooking your favourite Asian meal at home with mum.

We’ve also got A Taste of Greece, as well as The Middle East, and our newest additions, Mexico and Lebanon. What’s your mother's favourite cuisine? Show her you’ve been paying attention and transport her there with these thoughtful, tailor-made gift sets.

Again, we’ve done most of the work for you this Mother's Day by putting our small-batch spices in Italian glass jars and stacking them together in thoughtful packaging. So get your mother something she actually wants. Show her how great premium spices and herbs can be. Our gift sets are just as beautiful as they are delicious and aromatic.

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